Sunday, March 28, 2010


Texture is the main aspect within this photograph.

I particularly enjoy this photograph as it displays well contrast and strong colours.

Out of the whole day this image is my favourite for this day trip

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the zoo

these two images are images that the zoo may be able to use in brochures.

this image is of the interaction between animal and person

the zoo

These two images are of the animal and its surroundings

the zoo

All four images are my animal protraits

This image would happen ti be my favourtie out of the whole day.

There is strong contrast and shadows shown within this photograph. colour is dull yet it gives a great effect

civic photographs

i decided to take a photograph of all three bicycles rather then just the single one as it gives a busy life style effect.
the light shining off the first bike grabs your attention and then it lets your eyes run wild towards other aspects of the image, such as the background.
i particularly enjoy this image as it gives a sense of life style within the city.