Sunday, May 29, 2011

Research Assignment2

My first image i have selected from a news report is about the house fire on Cumberland highway at Fairfeild.

To my belief the photographer has used a wide angle lens to help capture the whole view of the building and the fire men. This image helps support the story as it shows the damage of the building and just how much damage there actually is, which helps support why the highway was closed due to the fire.
The image discusses the damage and the danger of the fire, I believe the photographer has used a great approach to the image as they have shown not just a part of the building yet the interaction of the firemen and the objects surrounding the building that have either been damaged or were used to help stop the fire.

The second image is about Australian cattle that has been exported to Indonesia and have been mistreated.

Independent MPs and the Australian Greens are calling for an immediate ban on live animal exports to Indonesia and the phasing out of exports to other countries within three years.
"This trade needs to stop," Greens senator Rachael Siewert told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday. The animals were shown dying prolonged deaths and being beaten and gouged.

I believe that the image the news has used helps support the report as it is showing to trauma that the cattle have to suffer before they are killed harshly. The image was clearly taken to show the evidence of what the Indonesian people are doing to the cattle and not for a artistic purpose. To me the photographer seems to be using a Mobile phone camera or a camera with low megapixals, so the lens is unknown to me. It does not seem to me that the photographer has used any flash when taking the image as there does not seem to be n shadowing from a flash, yet there is shadowing from the lighting in the room.

The third image is about the current floods in Sydney. Taxi driver John Mancuso with his stranded taxi behind him during flash flooding in O'Riordan Street, Beaconsfield today. He said he has been a cabbie for 43 years and never seen anything like it in his life. Picture: Justin Lloyd.
This image helps support the news story due to being able to see what the actually flash floods do look like to the human eye and for those who have never come across something like this before. I believe that the photographer (John Mancuso) has used a wide angle lens with a slight tilt to help capture what exactly is going on. He has used the lens in such a way to show the taxi driver's car in the background which is seen with a large amount of water surrounding it.
No flash has been used within this image to my belief. The photographer has thought of the positioning of the taxi driver well.